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Hello, my name is Dr. Sarah Hawkins-Lear. I am the state Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) Advisor. Currently, I am a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky and teach courses in the area of Early Childhood Special Education.  I look forward to working with all of the Kentucky student chapters, as well as getting to know all of the officers and KYSCEC members from across the state. I am excited about this upcoming year and serving you as Kentucky’s state KYSCEC Advisor.  Please feel free to contact me or any of the student officers, if you have any questions.


Sarah Hawkins-Lear, Ed.D.

Clinical Associate Professor
The Department of Early Childhood, Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling
237 H Taylor Education Building
Lexington, KY 40506

Starting or Re-Activating a KYSCEC Chapter


State Officers

KYSCEC President:
Katelyn Harvey, Morehead State University 

Kaitlin Woodrow, Western Kentucky University 

Demi Oldham, Western Kentucky University

KYSEC University Chapters

Attention Teachers!!!!  The Student CEC chapters at participating colleges and universities support classroom teachers and their students in school districts across Kentucky in the following ways (with examples!):

  • Involvement in Schools by helping teachers in their school and classrooms in a variety of ways

  • Community Involvement through Buddy Walks/Runs, Special Olympics

  • Teacher Assistance create learning materials for classrooms, set up a sensory room, help with projects in the classroom

  • Hosting Professional Development so we can learn more about the field

  • PR at their University: talk with undergrad classes to promote awareness of special education and encourage students to look into teacher education

  • Advocacy we keep up with state and federal issues and legislation, are involved in CAN, write letters, be active!

  • School Programming by working with in-school and after school programs in our communities


If you are interested in learning more about a partnership with Student CEC, please contact:
Morehead State University: Suzannah Chapman-Johnson,
Murray State University: Dr. Barbara Washington,
Western Kentucky University: Dr. Christina Noel,